The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Review Is In

J. Peter Bergman praises The Hunchback Of Notre Dame as “Emotionally sound, beautiful…” in The Berkshire Edge.

“Laura Helm is delicate and delectable…” “The sound of the show is Broadway all the way…”

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Lisa Jarisch is full of praise in her review for the Berkshire On Stage.

“This is a glorious highlight of the Mac-Haydn’s 50th season, starting with the stunning vocals from each of the three leads.”

“John Saunders again delivers a beautifully directed piece, with choreography by Sebastiani Romagnolo more than up to the task of making gypsies, clergy, hunchbacks, gargoyles, and saints move in unison.”

“I am glad the Mac-Haydn has given the region such a fine introduction to this piece.”

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“More Theatre Talk” with Hunchback of Notre Dame cast members: Laura Helm (Esmeralda), Michael Brennan (Phoebus De Martin), and Quinto Ott (Frollo).

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