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  • 95.545
  • LM.102
  • ASU.38
  • Fan.295.Granade
  • SITR.436.HeffernanFarley.CoaleGrey
  • GYP.773.Wemitt
  • ASU.324.ChamblissCaronFarney
  • Fan.107.BelyeuHeffernan
  • ASU.507
  • BLW.74
  • GYP.332.FrankBoyke
  • BLW.255
  • GYP.52.Wemitt
  • Fan.137.NardiJaquesHeffernanCaronBelyeu
  • BLW.209.Kidd
  • SITR.536.Heffernan
  • GYP.456.Boyke
  • BLW.520
  • LM.1.263.Wemitt.SchaneLydon
  • Fan.169.NardiCaronMonkBeditz
  • SITR.91.FarneyHeffernan
  • Fan.393.GranadeHeffernan
  • ASU.52.Chambliss
  • BLW.221.KiddHalenda
  • LaCage.163.BelyeuSaunders
  • GYP.228.Frank
  • GYP.528.KellyDooley
  • ASU.218.CaronChamblissHelmFarney
  • LaCage.434.SaundersBelyeu
  • 95.287.HelmWemittNardi
  • ASU.114.ChamblissFarney
  • BLW.153.Halenda
  • LM.2.296.HelmSheperdRodgers
  • LM.612.Belyeu
  • SITR.27.WilaytoHeffernanKelly
  • Fan.273
  • SITR.382.CoaleGrey.RaubeWilson.Heffernan

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What's Happening ...

Earn free tickets and have fun doing it! The food booth is seeking volunteers for all shifts, including Mac-Haydn Mondays. Contact Michele at Thanks!

Everyone is invited to join in on Saturday, April 26 when we open the theatre and start cleaning up for the coming season. Some chores will include cleaning dressing rooms, dusting the seats and sweeping the theatre, sweeping the driveways, taking covers off of the air conditioners, moving the benches outside, picking up winter debris around the parking areas – and probably several more things that we haven’t noticed yet. We’ll be starting at 10 a.m. and welcome any help we get!

Take a look at the 2014 Mac-Haydn Monday series, which features Carl Ritchie's The REAL Desperate HOUSEWIVES Of Columbia County (“Country Life’s a B***h!”), and Fort Salem Theater presents Jerry Gretzinger and Benita Zahn in Side by Side.

Enrollment is now open for the 2014 Children's Workshop.

April 23, 2014

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