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  • ASN.21
  • FM.34
  • 8 - Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • 42.535.500
  • 3 - Chris Bober, Gabe Belyeu, Elliot Lane.500
  • MusicMan.31.500
  • SPIT.44.McAssey.500
  • ASN.17
  • FM.6
  • FOTR.ElliotLane.500
  • 18 - Mark Edwards.500
  • 14 - Monica M. Wemitt, Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, Dan Hasty, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • 42.B.500
  • FOTR.389.TalbotDarragh.500
  • ASN.11
  • MusicMan.500
  • SPIT.96.McAsseyLaneMosby.500
  • FOTR.21.Yingling.500
  • ASN.4
  • FM.410
  • 16.500
  • 26 - Dan Hasty, Laura Helm.500
  • FOTR.257.KoonsHasty.500
  • TheMusicMan.15.500
  • SPIT.296.WemittOBrienMcAsseyLaneMosby.500
  • FOTR.159.Koons.500
  • FM.1
  • 7 - Colin Pritchard, Carrie Cimma.500
  • FOTR.698.KoonsVelez.500
  • 15 - Gabe Belyeu.500
  • 42.314.500
  • FOTR.23.500
  • TheMusicMan.30.500
  • FM.317
  • 10.500
  • 16 - James Benjamin Rodgers, Caitlin Wilayto, Colin Pritchard.2014
  • 42.397.FranklinCrosbieFerguson.500
  • TheMusicMan.9.500
  • 13 - Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, Monica M. Wemitt, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • 42.B.423.Reinhold.500
  • FOTR.28.500
  • 42.B.78.500
  • 24 - Carrie Cimma, Colin Pritchard, Mark Edwards, Sarah Talbot.500

What's Happening ...

Do you want to be cute, lovely, funny or funky for Halloween?  You can find a unique, personal look at The Mac-Haydn Theatre Costume Sale, happening Saturday, October 25 (rain date Sunday, October 26) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 2710 Route 9-H in Kinderhook (the old Antique Center near the Elks Club).  Costumes from Mac-Haydn’s collection of the past 46 seasons plus items from Costume Designer Jimm Halliday’s personal collection will be sold. These include things you’ve seen on the Mac-Haydn stage, plus pieces from Broadway shows such as Seussical, Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and more.  Most are adult sizes, although there will be a few children’s things. Some ready to party as is, some you can use your imagination with. Stop in and reminisce with a costume, and take home a unique Halloween outfit for yourself! 

Have you wrapped up your 2015 Early Bird season subscription? Artistic Director/Producer Lynne Haydn spells out the advantages of taking that step now, and when you're done reading that information, you can download the subscription or Founder forms.

See you in 2015!

October 22, 2014

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