Ragtime A Triumph
J. Peter Bergmam Can’t Get Enough of Ragtime in his review for The Berkshire Edge

“If I had the availability, I would attend every performance of this show, a show I’ve seen four times before and liked. This time I loved it.”

“The final 10 minutes had me in tears: of relief, of joy, of anxiety and of despair. Someone out there name for me one other experience that delivers so much at one time.”

“If anyone reading this has any interest in theater at all, as a profession or as an avocation, this is what they should see. This is what all people in this industry should aspire to achieve.”

“There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind, once they see this production, that Saunders is a theatrical master, a genius of casting and a major force in musical theater direction, especially the theater-in-the-round tradition.”

“Production values for Ragtime are superb.

“There was not one wrong performance or interpretation of a historic character in this show.”

Tyrell Reggins is a remarkable Coalhouse, bringing a gentleness into the gentleman he portrays here.”

“Mother is beautifully played by Rachel Rhodes-Devey. Her beauty and her singing are top-notch and she gives emotional clarity to her every utterance, spoken or sung. Matching her note for note is Maya Cuevas as Sarah, whose death lights the flame of the plot for this show.”

Gabe Belyeu seems to get better and better with every show he does at the Mac-Haydn. In this show his singing voice is almost ethereal and his character is among the most appealing he has ever undertaken. Belyeu also goes through physical changes as Tateh becomes more and more American, an example of assimilation like few I’ve ever seen. A major part of the success of this show is due to his fine work in this role.”

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John Yohalem Ragtime Review for Parterre Box

Director John Saunders and choreographer Sebastiani Romagnolo have made astonishing demands upon two dozen choristers (looking mighty good in Jimm Halliday’s magnificent period costumes), who run riot around the dozen principals in narrow alleyways through the audience and about the stage, pausing to harmonize, rant, strike, announce a verdict, dance to distraction. They convincingly represent old—or new—New York.”

Rhodes-Devey had a charming presence and a powerful voice.”

Julie Galorenzo, was a dauntless but not unsympathetic Emma Goldman.”

Sarah Kawalek was a delectable Evelyn Nesbit.”

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Broadway World Review by Marc Savitt

“Each and every member of the company is clearly talented, dedicated, and polished.”

“The entire production is high quality…”

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The Daily Gazette Review by Paul Lamar

“Director John Saunders’ Mac-Haydn savvy is everywhere on display.

“Rhodes-Devey takes the full measure of this interesting and interested woman, with subtle looks and gestures and a voice that matches the demands of each song. Lovely work.”

“The technical aspects of the show – like Jimm Halliday’s costumes and Andrew Gmoser’s lighting – are first-rate; and David Maglione’s musical direction and pit band contributions are spot-on.”

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