Little Shop of Horrors Receives Praise
J. Peter Bergmam Little Shop of Horrors Review for The Berkshire Edge

(Erin Spears Ledford) has taken it apart and put it back together again using one of the best cast shows of the season.”

“Much less nerdy than the usual Seymour, Kelley brings a vivacious charm to the character. He is endowed with a fine voice and disposition that allows him to be gentle one moment and invigorating the next.”

Alecsys Proctor-Turner is a seductive-voiced and stunningly extended plant figure as Audrey Two.”

Moran’s portrayal almost asks for his ultimate ending and watching him work his way into the food chain is beautifully played by this young actor.”

“From their first moment… the trio of Ronnette (Maya Cuevas) , Chiffon (Madi Cupp-Enyard) , and Crystal (Angel Harrison) rule the stage.”

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Lisa Jarisch Little Shop of Horrors Review for Berkshire On Stage

Ledford gives Audrey II the pride of place she demands, with staging strategically designed to assure every audience member gets the full effect of Audrey II’s “growing” power and control.”

Emily Kron returns to the Mac-Haydn stage with all the presence and voice that makes her a perennial show-stopper.”

“This production offers what Mac-Haydn does best….bright, vibrant, enthusiastically performed musical theatre.”

George Dvorsky’s Mushnik plays perfectly against the initial naivete and timidity of Kelley’s Seymour”

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The Sugarmans from More Theatre Talk chat with Emily Kron, Andrew Burton Kelley and Pat Moran ahead of the opening of Little Shop of Horrors

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