Curtains Is A Hit!
J. Peter Bergman wants to see our new production of Curtains again! The Berkshire Edge

“Every performer in every role in this show was just about as good and as right as could be.”

“Pritchard is an excellent Cioffi, stiff but melting in this atmosphere he adores – one of his best roles.”

“Wemitt is singing so lyrically and beautifully in this show that she is a perfect example of a musical comedy star like the one her character would like to have in her show.”

“Hassmer is just perfect for his composer role, moving us with his ballad I Miss the Music.”

“Klinger is a delight as the lyricist…Klinger and Hassmer both sing beautifully and act their roles to perfection.”

“Pantazis is a new discovery for me and a welcome one in every way.”

“Chorus girl Bambi is played remarkably by Chelsea Lynne Myers.”

“Gabe Belyeu’s character, Christopher Belling, is a standout. As the quasi-British stage director, Belyeu pulls out all the stops and delivers a unique performance that will not be easily forgotten.”

“If I had the time to do it, I’d see this all over again, from the very beginning to the inevitable end – I liked it that much.”

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Macey Levin calls Curtains Marvelous Fun” in her review for Berkshire On Stage

“Pritchard’s Cioffi is reminiscent of Peter Falk’s Colombo, the seemingly simple and endearing detective. He is all business while sleuthing or giving his opinions…”

“Carmen Bernstein, the tough producer, is made likable in Wemitt’s strong acting and powerful voice.”

“They usually put on a terrific show and this one is just that.”

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