A Chorus Line Earns Sparkling Reviews
J. Peter Bergman “heartily recommends this show to all” in his review for The Berkshire Edge

“On the stage of the Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham they all shine brightly, almost blinding us with their unique talents and personalities.”

Andrew Gmoser has lighted the show brilliantly and Music Director David Thatcher Maglione has brought his six musician band into the show making gorgeous music from start to finish.”

“Director Eddie Gutiérrez has done a beautiful job bringing the show to this space and the newly reconstructed theater, with elegant seats, is the ideal place to become a part of the musical’s legacy.”

Anthony Velez delivers Paul’s story with a genuine reflexive sentimentality that gives it extra meaning and heart.”

Dayton is beautiful and there is a romantic atmosphere around her. Her costume has a sexuality all its own; her red hair is beguiling and her dance solo is an exhausting exercise in self-seduction. Her conversation with Zach is poignant and pungent; it adds an aroma of both sentiment and sacrament to the show. Dayton delivers in the dance, “The Music and The Mirror,” as well as in her much briefer monologue…”

“I openly confess to loving this show.”

Vargas is wonderful in her numbers and in the ensemble. Her strong and interpretive renditions of these songs move the show into the realm of a morality tale, a Hans Christian Anderson story with a moral and a meaning beyond the basic thrust of dancers at an audition seeking work.”

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Andrew Andrews calls A Chorus Line “Broadway quality” in their review for Opplaud

“How thrilling!… Surrounded by this year’s new, roomier seats (with firm cushions and back support), the large cast can hardly be contained by the house’s thrust stage, with dancers spilling into the aisles to provide an even more intimate experience…”

“Although choreography has been an important part of every production we’ve seen at this venue, it especially “takes the stage” in this show.”

“A Broadway-quality performance… you’ll easily get your money’s worth.”

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A Chorus Line is “the perfect show to open the summer season” says Lisa Jarisch in her review for Berkshire On Stage

“Under the direction of Eddie Gutierrez, in his directorial debut at the Mac, the cast shines as brightly as the traditional golden finale costumes.”

“As a corps, they bring a palpable enthusiasm and dedication to their roles.”

Belyeu is a master of layered characterization, imbuing Zach with equal measures of compassion and disdain, impatience and tolerance, understanding and skepticism as he extracts their their stories.”

Isabella Vargas, as Diana, may be the break-out star of the season. In her Mac-Haydn debut, she moves effortlessly from feisty to reflective, with a strong, true voice bringing more than “Nothing” to her defiant, determined, funny and ultimately regretful description of her days in Mr. Carp’s acting class.”

Anthony Velez, returning after last year’s triumphant Sancho in Man of LaMancha, and the hapless but ultimately fulfilled Arpad in She Loves Me, gives the audience a moving, heartfelt and crowd-hushing moment with Paul’s lengthy soliloquy of his journey to this moment and this audition.”

“As Cassie, Holly Lauren Dayton does full justice to both her character and to her character’s signature number “The Music and the Mirror”, with on-point choreography performed to perfection.”

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Bill Kellert calls A Chorus Line a “stunning production” in his review for Nippertown

“New seats, an enlarged stage and a stunning production under the direction of Eddie Gutierrez beautifully choreographed by Gutierrez and Ashley DeLane Burger with musical direction by David Thatcher Maglione is a moving memorably filled time in the theater.”

“Once again The Mac has filled the stage with the best talent available.”

“In an unusual casting switch for Belyeu, he finds himself in a musical with nothing to sing. His calm, mature steady demeanor and rich voice steers the ship of this production. He is the show’s backbone and supports well the cast around him.”

“Some of the strongest voices to appear on the Mac stage have been assembled in this production. Kyle Marra as Bobby, Kylan Ross and Julia Hajjar as husband and wife Al and Kristine, and Anna Langlois as Maggie are perfection. Strong voices and wonderful timing move the story along.”

Holly Lauren Dayton as Cassie is without exception the outstanding dancer of the production as seen in the iconic The Music and the Mirror.”

Anthony Velez as Paul masterfully controls the stage and audience in the nearly five-minute monologue of his life.”

Vargas shows her range and diversity in her talent. Small in stature but amazingly large in voice and talent she owns the stage during the two numbers.”

Andrew Gmoser’s lighting design adds the perfect nuance putting the appropriate highlights and subtleties to the show.”

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