The Season
The Trials of Alice in Wonderland

June 30, 2017 – July 15, 2017

The characters Alice met and the adventures she had in Wonderland are woven into a brand-new tale, in which she is on trial – for daring to grow and change!

The Cheshire Cat guides Alice through her journey as the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Caterpillar testify before the judge: The Queen of Hearts. Tweedledee and Tweedledum are attorneys, if only they can decide which side they are on! The songs “Off With Her Head,” “Always Time For Tea,” “Rules Of The Game,” “Somewhere In A Dream” and others add to the fun and help tell the story.

Members of the Court
Queen of Hearts Katie Skawski
King of Hearts Quinn Corcoran
Tweedledum Emily Spateholts
Tweedledee Lauren Wrigley
White Rabbit Ross Flores
Cheshire Cat Michelle Carter
Mad Hatter Stephen C. Kallas
March Hare Alex Carr
Caterpillar Emily Allen
Dormouse Adam Salerno
Alice Laura Michele Erle
Tiny Alice/Sister’s Voice Steffany Pratt
Mouse Fiona Phelps
Dodo Coltin Luckfiled
Eaglet Matthew Antalek
Lory Mia Porritt
Three of Clubs Paxton Brownell
Two of Hearts Braeden VanWie
Five of Spades Jane Fischer
Four of Diamonds Nathaniel Taylor

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The Season