Man of La Mancha a “Stunning Production”
J. Peter Bergman calls Man of La Mancha “stunning in so many ways” in his review for Berkshire Bright Focus

Todd Underwood has directed and choreographed this show making the perfectly integrated work into one with a single vision. For the ultimate play-within-a-play experience this production is hard to beat, but the line is easy to follow as Underwood clearly understands.”

“I don’t know when I will ever see a performance of this show that will leave me with such good spirits and high energy. This is definitely one show not to miss.”

Kylan Ross is an excellent Padre with my favorite song; Chris Frazier makes an exuberant Barber; Ashley DeLane Burger does well as the Innkeeper; Andrew Burton Kelley is a master as Carrasco. The entire ensemble create their characters and perform with mutuality, as they should.”

“This current production is stunning in so many ways. It is beautifully designed in every way, set and lighting by Andrew Gmoser, costumes by Kurt Alger, hair and makeup by Matthew Oliver, props by Megan McQueeney.”

“As Aldonza Maya Cuevas gives out with a star performance. Using both her dark middle voice and her lyric high voice she creates a raw portrait of the kitchen-maid/slut that should be hard to beat at any level of production.”

Two years ago in this company’s production of “Ragtime” I thought I’d seen the best of Gabe Beleyu (It was a wonderful performance) but this season gives him a definite topper with his dual roles of Miguel de Cervantes and Don Quixote de La Mancha.”

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Trixie Starr says Man of La Mancha is “brilliant” in her review for Trixie’s List

Velez is a charming addition to this year’s cast and plays a fun and sprite Panza.”

“The characters of Man of La Mancha are realistic, broken, and sometimes flawed. The actors connect you emotionally and deeply with each one, letting you feel “all the feels” of this play.”

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Lisa Jarisch calls Man of La Mancha our “finest effort of the season” in her review for Berkshire On Stage

“(Gabe Beleyu) is an absolute triumph in the title role; his Don Quixote is quite possibly his finest hour upon the Mac’s stage.”

Maya Cuevas continues to be a break-out star at the Mac, and here is more than well-equipped with the vocal capacity to carry her character to the depths of despair and the heights of dawning self-worth. She does so with glorious, impassioned, rich delivery of every song.”

“There also is no shortage of talent on display from the supporting cast and ensemble players. This is clearly a cast who have come together believing in the absolute possibility of achieving The Impossible Dream, and it shines through in virtually every moment.”

“Following the extended, rousing and well-deserved curtain call ovations, I hereby humbly and whole-heartedly confess that this production not only exceeded my impossibly high expectations, but quite possibly has set a new standard for productions to follow.”

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Bill Kellert says the Mac-Haydn has brought the story of Man of La Mancha to life “magically” in his review for Nippertown

“The production currently on stage at Mac-Haydn has taken all of the facets from Dale Wasserman’s book and the stunning music and lyrics by Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion and brought them to life magically.”

Andrew Gmoser’s set design is startlingly simplistic and dramatically stunning.”

“Kurt Alger and Matthew Oliver carry out the feeling of despair, poverty and filth in their perfectly executed costume and hair and makeup.”

“Lead by Mac-Haydn veteran, Gabe Beleyu who owns the stage every moment he is under the lights, Belyeu presents a perfect Don Quixote, making the audience believe all of his visions are not the hallucinations of a mad man, but reality just beyond the horizon out of our line of sight.”

Maya Cuevas owns her part as Aldonza/Dulcinea offering some stunningly beautiful and tender moments throughout the show while at the same time keeping a wall around her that is impenetrable.”

“The show is an event that should not be missed.”

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