Makayla Shores

Mac-Haydn Theatre Debut

Makayla is excited to be making her debut as Marta VonTrapp in the “Sound of Music” at Mac Haydn this season. Previously she has played Erica in “Matilda The Musical” (Upstate Productions) and The Pied Piper in MC Smith Elementary School’s “Rats”. Makayla began her love of the stage as a three year old when she began dance classes and hasn’t looked back. When not on stage Makayla enjoyed cooking, karate, reading and exploring all things Harry Potter. She is probably one of the biggest Potter Heads you will ever meet. Although this is her first year in theater, she has taken to each role effortlessly and her family can’t wait to see where this journey leads her.

Roles this Season

Marta (the G.O.A.T.s) in The Sound of Music (Debut)