“A Call to Places” Earns Rave Reviews
Andrew Andrews calls A Call to Places an “enjoyable evening” in their review for Opplaud

“Whether you’re a first year guest of the Mac-Haydn Theatre who only knows the actor from his recent roles… or a long-time attendee who remembers him as Nicely Nicely in Guys and Dolls and Gomez in The Addams Family… you know that Gabe knows how to put on a show. And you know the man can sing!”

“If you already know Belyeu’s work, then attending this show is like dancing in your seat to a familiar regular performer at the local dive bar, or watching a favorite artist on MTV Unplugged. If you don’t already know what he’s capable of, then catching this production in like strolling into a random night club and discovering a new favorite. Either way makes for a enjoyable evening, so don’t miss one of the two remaining performances of this very limited run.”

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J. Peter Bergman calls A Call to Places “one of the most satisfying hours in the theater this summer” in his review for The Berkshire Edge

“The show is beautifully lit by designer Kevin Gleason.”

“Musical director Eric Shorey leads a four-person ensemble in his own, superb arrangements of the songs Belyeu and Saunders have chosen.”

“One thing that makes this cabaret special is the confessional aspects of Belyeu’s story… Songs and revelations work hand-in-hand here and leave us very satisfied. We have enjoyed the man, the performer and the wonderful combination of the two.”

“If you don’t know him, this is your opportunity. If you’re a fan then this will secure your acts of following him through the years. Whatever brings you to the Mac-Haydn for his final two performances of “A Call to Places” you will be satisfied that he gives you his all and more.”

“This will remain one of my most satisfying hours in the theater this summer.”

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