42nd Street Earns “Magical” Reviews
J. Peter Bergman calls ’42nd Street’ “extraordinary” in his review for The Berkshire Edge

“With her talented company under John Saunders superb direction, Modic has created the most vital, vibrant and enthralling show of this type I’ve seen in years.”

“Most of the characters are “types” and they are played with honesty and gusto. Bella DePaola gives Anytime Annie strength and beauty while Jonah Hale’s Billy Lawlor presents ego without masking sincerity (he’s a tenor).”

“The show’s designers have given Saunders the perfect show he deserves.The wonderful scenic design by Erin Kiernan is gorgeously lit by Andrew Gmoser whose colors illuminate and elaborate the brilliant costumes designed by Bethany Marx”

“Saunders has assembled the best team ever at this theatre. This show is truly worth your time and money, folks.”

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’42nd Street’ is “everything a summer musical should be” according to Lisa Jarisch for Berkshire on Stage

“the Mac-Haydn Theatre offers up 42nd Street as its 2023 opener, and it is everything a summer musical should be.”

“Scenic Designer Erin Kiernan has admirably captured the essence of the era with her set.”

“Sometimes it’s lovely to be presented with a show that requires nothing more than your undivided attention to the talent on display, and that is exactly what Director John Saunders offers the audience, wrapped up in a glorious, joyous, pitch-perfect, choreographically-amazing package.”

“Perennial M-H favorite Gabe Belyeu is a quintessential Julian Marsh”

“In her Mac-Haydn debut, Rachel Revellese bursts onto the stage like the rising star Peggy Sawyer dreams of becoming. Her voice is as true and strong as her feet are fleet.”

“One of the best parts of watching a Mac-Haydn show is watching the ensemble revel in their part in the production; their passion for “the biz” is always a joy to behold, and in 42nd Street, it is on display to the nth degree.”

“Costumes by Bethany Marx are superb”

“(Saunders) offers up a rich, delicious feast of swirling bodies, flashing feet, and clever staging, using every inch of the now-extended stage space to it best advantage.”

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Bill Kellert says ’42nd Street’ “gets it right” in his review for Nippertown

“50+ years into their storied history, The Mac has long since learned how to get it right. 42nd Street is a testament to that.”

“Supported by the wonderful talent of Music Director Eric Shorey, the performers sing and dance with grace and fluidity.”

“Whenever (Stratton) is on the stage, you can not help but watch her draw the audience into her.”

“Belyeu commands the stage with his presence and self-assured attitude. His comic timing is spot on, and his rich voice fills the theatre.”

“An amazingly strong, talented, supportive ensemble rounds out this wonderful cast.”

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Jeff Borak tells audiences to ‘dance their troubles away” with ’42nd Street’ in his review for The Berkshire Eagle

“Mandy Modic has choreographed director John Saunders’ production with unbridled theatricality and creativity and their young cast responds accordingly.”

“Belyeu is convincing and stylistically on point as Marsh”

“Jonah Hale is endearing as Billy Lawlor”

“There is no moment on the Mac-Haydn stage when the attractive young members of this cast aren’t giving their all in those dance sequences”

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