Ending 2017 on a high note!

We have received more than 10 Berkshire On Stage Critics Picks for our 2017 season including The Mac-Haydn Theatre as a whole in the “Favorite Thing That Doesn’t Fit Into Any Other Category” category!

What they said about Mac-Haydn: “Given that this is summer stock theatre, the rehearsal period is very limited.  To reach the high quality of this production (Sweeney Todd) with the inherent limitations is testimony to the talents of all involved.  This is not a major regional production but it offers many of its own special artistic attributes.”

Both Hello, Dolly! and Spamalot were picked as Favorite Musicals.

Our individual winners were:
Angela Carstensen
Neal Kowalsky
Emily Kron
Bethany Marx
Rachel Rhodes-Devey
Sebastiani Romagnolo
John A. Saunders
Madison Stratton

Congrats to all those chosen! And thank you to our audience for making this year such a wonderful year!

Happy New Year!

For the full list and to read the article: Click here