Rental Information


  • A security deposit fee of 20-50% of the cost of the total rental is due upon placement of the order. This amount will be assessed at the time of the order.
  • 50% of the rental fee is due prior to shipment.
  • Remainder of the rental fee is due upon opening night of the production.

Rental Rates

  • Rates are determined based on the specifics of the rental. Please inquire to obtain an estimate.
  • Rates are for one costume, including all pieces and accessories.
  • Shoes, tights, undergarments and wigs are not included.
  • Some specialty costumes are priced at a separate rate.
  • Download Pricing Chart.
  • Download Special Pricing Chart for Cats.

Ordering Time

  • Please allow 30 days from your order date until the desired shipment date.
  • Rush Service: Requests made inside the 30 day order period will carry and additional charge of 10% of the total rental fee.


  • Please supply accurate measurements, using the measurement chart provided below, for all your performers.
  • Also, please be aware that these costumes were built for average “type” and we may have a problem if your performers do not fall within our size range. For example, if your Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes wears a size 16 dress, you may be “out to sea without a paddle”.
  • Download Measurement Chart.


  • All costumes will be pulled as close to the provided size as possible.
  • Minor alterations (hems, waist snaps or hooks, etc.) which do not alter the original look and quality of the garment may be done as necessary once the costumes have been fitted.
  • You must contact us before major alterations are performed on any costumes.
  • No dying, cutting or permanent alterations to the garment can be made.
  • A charge for any damage due to improper or unapproved alterations will be deducted from the deposit amount.
  • There will be a 20% surcharge for any substantial alterations done in our shop.


  • All costumes are to be returned without cleaning or laundering.
  • For cleaning or laundering necessary during the run of the show, instructions will be sent with the costumes. These must be followed
  • Charges for any damage due to improper cleaning or laundering will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Cleaning and laundry costs will be deducted from the deposit amount.


  • Shipping costs can be deducted from the security Deposit amount or we can ship using the clients UPS or FEDEX account.
  • Orders must be insured for return shipping the amount for which will be noted on the packing list copy.
  • Return shipping addresses are noted on packing lists.