Wemitt Returns As Mother Superior

Back In The Act!

Mac-Haydn legend Monica M. Wemitt returns to this iconic role in the modern classic Sister Act. Eight years ago Wemitt set the stage alight in a moving and heartfelt performance. Given the success of her debut performance in the role, you won’t want to miss it this season as she comes to it with a new perspective this season! We asked her about this experience, second time around.

Monica, what is it like taking on Mother Superior again and what is different?

“I’m more comfortable with the role and feel like instead of getting to know Mother Superior, this time around I gets to sit down, talk, and have a conversation with her. There are more vulnerabilities within her. The second time around you are able to find the nuances you normally cannot in a theatrical space such as this.”

“Not to put down earlier moments of the Mac-Haydn Theatre, but the talent and voices within this specific cast and others the artistic team has gathered over the years are “goose bumpy.” It is thrilling to know how strong of musicians we have across the board.”

“It is amazing to reprise this role knowing this theatre has grown into exactly what the founders would have ever dreamed of – Lynn and Linda would be excited and proud to know where the Mac-Haydn Theatre stands today; producing musicals and very strong ones at that.”

Sister Act opens on June 27 and runs for three weeks until July 14.