Critics Call Urinetown a #1 Production
Jeff Borak calls Urinetown a “knock-your-socks-off” production in his review The Berkshire Eagle

“Not the stuff of your average Broadway musical but, then, there is nothing average or typical about this devilish, witty show, especially given the dazzling, sly, extremely savvy knock-your-socks-off production at the Mac-Haydn Theatre through July 17.”

“…Hope (a pitch-perfect Nina Laing whose singing voice is crystalline and who perfectly catches Hope’s ingenuous belief that everyone has a heart somewhere).”

“Director Trey Compton gets it, and how. There is just enough exaggeration, just enough self-awareness and tongue in cheek in Compton’s production but never more than that. Compton nudges boundaries without crossing them.”

“Mcguire takes full advantage of the space with choreography that is, by turns, tight and expansive; theatrical; stylish; totally in keeping with material that draws on “Urinetown’s” musical theater traditions while establishing its own personality at the same time.”

“Compton’s cast more than rises to the material’s occasion and Compton’s approach. The performances throughout are robust, full out.”

“Janet Dickinson brings a canny Dickensian-Brechtian flavor to her performance as Penelope Pennywhistle, who is in charge of Public Amenity No. 9, “the poorest, filthiest urinal in town.”

“Jordan Bunshaft is delightful as Officer Lockstock’s partner, Officer Barrel.”

“And, of course, there is the absolutely irresistible Sarah Chiu as Little Sally, a charmer who often gets right to the heart of the matter when others can’t.”

“Well, until there is a next time, there is this “Urinetown” here; now. It’s a dandy; an impressively smart, highly theatrical show packaged in an unspeakably smart, enormously entertaining production.”

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Lisa Jarisch calls Urinetown a “Winner of a Show” in her review for Berkshire On Stage

“a lovely treat to be enjoyed on a hot summer night”

“Directing for the first time at the Mac, Trey Compton hits this production all the way out of Urinetown…wherever, or whatever, that may be. He offers up a tight, taut, and razor-sharp show, and seems to have a natural, instinctive knack for making the best use of the Mac’s performance space, virtually writing a textbook on how to make the most effective use of the larger, reconfigured stage unveiled last season. He puts the cast through their considerable paces with precision and flair, extracting their best efforts through every layer of this show.”

Belyeu positively oozes with the droll irony needed to carry off Officer Lockstock’s unctuous and zealously crime-deterrent character. He is perhaps at his best in the moments spent in conversation with Little Sally, played with aplomb, and great earnestness, by Sarah Chiu.”

“It is always a joy to have Dvorsky back on the Mac-Haydn stage; he adds Cladwell to his ever-growing list of signature roles.”

Ross always commits every ounce of his considerable talents to every role he undertakes; Bobby Strong is the latest addition to his growing repertoire of signature characters.”

Nina Laing as Hope Cladwell is the quintessence of the dewy-eyed, idealistic ingenue, falling head over heels for the clear Hero of the Piece Bobby Strong, while still maintaining a most literal outlook on life and love as she begins to “Follow your Heart”, She is the very personification of her character’s name, brimming and chirping with optimism throughout her ardous journey from naivete to disillusionment…”

Dickinson is clearly enjoying her debut at the Mac with this role; she sinks her teeth, and her considerable vocal and acting chops, into Pennywise, and never lets go.”

“In a variety of supporting roles, the ensemble company is delightful. Singing, acting, moving, dancing, kidnapping, revolting, protesting, contemplating and otherwise whirling their way through the show,their enthusiasm and sheer happiness at treading the boards at the Mac is a joy to behold.”

“The quality of lighting, scenic design, and costumes is first-rate all around, and worthy of taking their own bows.”

“The costumes designed by Bethany Marx are done to a “T”’.

“Director Trey Compton and the Mac-Haydn Theatre should be “flush” with pride (you KNEW it had to be said !) offering up this absolute winner of a show.”

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Trixie Starr and Romeo Barkley say “run, don’t waddle walk” to Urinetown in their review for Trixie’s List

“The dance and musical numbers were – as always at the Mac-Haydn – fun and well-choreographed.”

“The company was funny, talented and supremely entertaining. We couldn’t recommend enough to get your tickets- but get them fast.”

“…Featuring some supremely talented performers: such as George Dvorsky’s Mr Cladwell.”

“You’ll Be Pissed if You Miss it!”

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Bill Kellert praises the new production in his review for Nippertown

“Mac-Haydn vet, Gabe Belyeu’s Lockstock deadpan delivery and comic timing are perfection to watch. He is beautifully complimented by Sarah Chiu as Little Sally.”

Janet Dickinson as Pennywise presents a wide range of emotions from intimidation to fear and love and disdain.”

Kylan Ross as Bobby takes his character from insecure, to love struck to leader as we watch him take control of his life and the situation around him.”

Nina Laing plays her part as Hope, Bobby’s love interest and the daughter of the head of UGC’s owner Caldwell B. Cladwell with impeccable comic timing.”

George Dvorsky returns to MacHaydn as the self aggrandizing ego manical Cladwell. Dvorsky never disappoints and it is a pleasure to welcome him back to the Chatham summer scene.”

“Director Trey Compton makes a superb MacHaydn directorial debut.”

“Scenic designer, Erin Kierman, lighting design by Andrew Gmoser with costumes by Bethany Marx create a world that truly imbues life to this production.”

“Musical Director Eric Shorey and Choreographer Elizabeth McGuire have come together to move this cast of nearly two dozen with the skill and finesse of any Broadway production. Voices soar, ensemble numbers will grab you, and the dancing will have you have on your feet in appreciation.”

“It is wonderful to watch Mac-Haydn to move from its comfort zone of musical theater standards and go out on an artistic limb to present “Urinetown.” They have managed after 50 plus seasons to encourage their audiences, to open their minds and hearts and sample something new and different.”

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