The World Goes ‘Round a “Sheer Delight”
J. Peter Bergman: “You Can’t Go Wrong” Seeing The Mac-Haydn’s Production of The World Goes ‘Round. Read his review for The Berkshire Edge

“I saw this revue in New York in 1992 and rode home on the 104 bus with its star, Karen Ziemba. This time, at the Mac-Haydn Theatre, I relived that experience and loved everything about this new, re-thought production.”

“One song, “Colored Lights,” from “The Rink” is sung by Liz Gurland with sweetness and a nostalgic essence that is matched by lovely lighting by Andrew Gmoser.”

“Another Minellli hit, from Kander and Ebb’s first show, “Flora, the Red Menace,” called “A Quiet Thing” is well-performed by Amber Mawande-Spytek. Her rendition highlights one of Kander’s most sensitive and memorable melodies.”

“In the second act Kylan Ross and Amber Mawande-Spytek perform a lengthy tap routine that would ultimately make Astaire and Rogers proud. It is another high point in this joyous show which showcases the multiple talents found in this company. Every song has much to recommend it.”

“This show is just a pleaser. You cannot go wrong investing a few dollars and two hours of your time seeing this one.”

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Bill Kellert calls The World Goes ‘Round a “sheer delight” in his review for Nippertown

“Set designer Kevin Gleason has created an intimate atmosphere with an onstage bandstand and intriguing light panels that make a faux proscenium that constantly changes throughout the performance…”

“The two-hour performance (plus intermission) is pretty much a nightclub act, presented by six marvelously talented performers and six equally talented musicians under the musical direction of Walter “Bobby” McCoy.”

“The audience is treated to a virtual cornucopia of song and dance. The choreography runs the gambit from the simplistic to a wonderful tap dance sequence by Kylan Ross and Amber Mawande-Spytek.”

“Mawande-Spytek opens the show in a stirring rendition of the title song, And the World Goes Round, setting the tone for the evening.”

“Gabe Belyeu reminds us again of his incredible on stage versatility from the comic Sara Lee and to the dramatic Kiss of the Spider Woman. Always a pleasure to watch, no one seems more at home on a stage than he.”

“Liz Gurland seems equally at home in the more comic numbers and shows what a performer can do given great material to work with like Ring Them Bells and Class.”

“Robin Campbell has taken a masterful grasp on the directing and choreography, Andrew Gmoser steps up to the plate to complete the package with his intricate lighting and effects.”

“29 numbers present an evening, or afternoon, of sheer delight. That’s what you’ll find all month long at Mac Haydn Theatre.”

“The World Goes Round kicks off their fall season and they have rung all the bells to make it a glorious second half season starter. Once again, Producing Artistic Director John Saunders’ staff and artists present consistent quality talent and an exceptional few hours of escape.”

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Jeffrey Borak calls The World Goes ‘Round a “fulfilling and satisfying two hours of theater” in his review for The Berkshire Eagle

“Campbell’s production moves from one number to the next with astonishing fluidity, performed by a richly versatile company of appealing young performers who work with poise, confidence, brio and class.”

“There is nothing classier than the classless Gurland and Mawande-Spytek going at it in “Class” from “Chicago,” or as sublime as Gurland, again, taking lead in the second act opener, “Ring Them Bells.”

“Taitel puts his rich vocal tones to exquisite use in “I Don’t Remember You” and “Chicago’s” “Mr. Cellophane.””

“Campbell’s production is such a complete, thoroughly fulfilling and satisfying two hours of theater. What a way to end a summer theater season or begin the fall season.”

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Emily Edelman says The World Goes ‘Round is a “definite treat” from start to finish in her review for Berkshire On Stage

“The ease of connection between Mac-Haydn newcomer Amber Mawande-Spytek and Liz Gurland on “Class” and “The Grass Is Always Greener” make those comedic numbers that much more fun.”

“William Taitel’s “Mr. Cellophane” is emotional and moving.”

“From start to finish, this show is a definite treat: Beautifully and aptly performed by many Mac-Haydn favorites, tight music direction of the band (onstage so you can watch them, too!) by Walter “Bobby” McCoy, intelligent lighting by the aforementioned Gmoser, and more suggest that everyone from enthusiastic Kander and Ebb fans to those just discovering the duo’s work will find much to enjoy.”

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Watch Andrew Andrews’ The World Goes ‘Round review for Opplaud

“Featuring the company’s first-string lineup, everyone on stage brings their “A” game to this production, from the hauntingly beautiful opening rendition of the title track to the unique, multilingual closing performance of Kander and Ebb’s greatest hit.”

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