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J. Peter Bergmam Oklahoma! Review for The Berkshire Edge

“go prepared to be stunned into applause by this stellar production”

James Benjamin Rodgers is a superb Curly, dynamic in the dramatic scenes, chilling in the fight scenes, romantic in the love scenes and the not-quite love scenes and sweet in the charming scenes with Aunt Eller.”

(Meredith Lustig’s) performance is as dramatically correct as the notes she sings in her songs. She is lovely to look at, delicious to hear and when she starts to resolve her own issues about love, Lustig’s Laurey is divine, her teasing is sensible and her fears are palpable.”

“Aunt “Eller” is played in this production by Cathy Lee-Visscher… She is strong, specific, musical and dramatic, sweetly comic when necessary and direct with her advice or admonition when needed.”

“”Lonely Room,” was beautifully performed by Brinkmann making it possible to almost admire Jud. That’s an achievement.”

(John Saunders) has taken a fresh look at a revered classic and given it back the class that made it the biggest hit of the 1940s.”

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Roseann CaneOklahoma! Review for Berkshire On Stage

“the vital young cast is populated by excellent singers and dancers, and it was a real treat to hear this beloved score delivered with such charm.”

Rodgers has a singing voice warm enough to swim in, and his “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’” could not have been more appealing.”

Lustig’s sweet singing voice and her interpretation of Laurey as a confident young woman worked very nicely, and created an intriguing counterpoint to the other actors on stage.”

“Also deserving of kudos is Rob Brinkmann’s dark, angry Jud Fry, who injected just the right amount of foreboding into the ensemble.”

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The Sugarmans from More Theatre Talk chat with James Benjamin Rodgers, Meredith Lustig and ROb Brinkmann ahead of the opening of Oklahoma!

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