The Most Incredible Thing

Pleasant Valley Productions in collaboration with the Mac-Haydn Theatre are proud to present a developmental production of David Maglione’s newest musical work, The Most Incredible Thing on May 22 at 1pm and 4pm at the OSPAC in West Orange, New Jersey.

Tickets are free of charge. Donations to offset the cost of this production are greatly appreciated and can be made at any time during your visit at the theater. Parking is available across the street from the main gate. The gates open 45 minutes prior to showtime.

The piece is based on the Hans Christian Anderson short story of the same name. While the show is based on a work in the public domain, Maglione has set the adaptation in his original “Kingdom of Merideh,” a universe that serves as the setting for many of his children’s theater stories, including “Martin and Meelo,” last seen as part of the Mac-Haydn’s 2019 Children’s Theatre season. The Most Incredible Thing marks the second of what has been conceived as a five-part series.

Mac-Haydn Producing Artistic Director John Saunders directs and is joined by Mac-Haydn musical director Bruce De La Cruz (2019’s “Curtains”) and choreographer Amy Calzone.

The cast features Mac-Haydn alumni Kelly Gabrielle Murphy (Mamma Mia! and Sweeney Todd), Julie Galorenzo (Ragtime), Angel Harrison (2019 company), and Joe Christianson (2019 band). Rounding out the cast are David Rolando, Chris Frazier, Joseph Gottfried, Michael Gioia, Tyler Pearson, Susan Ramirez, Lawrence Dandridge, Lyle Dungee, Joelle Zazz, Danielle Pennisi, and Marcus McPherson.

Bruce De La Cruz, who is also responsible for original orchestrations, will be accompanied by a string trio: Violin played by Tristan Aniceto, Mac-Haydn alumna Lydia Paulos on Cello, and Magda Kress Double Bass.

The show will feature an original clock design by Andrew Gmoser, sound design by Brad Zuckerman, and costuming by Emily Spateholts and the Mac-Haydn Theatre. The show is stage managed by Emily Neimeyer.

Strict COVID-19 Protocol is in place to ensure safety at all events. Masks and physical distancing will be required.

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Mac-Haydn Announces Children’s Theatre 2020
Children’s Theatre Season Announced

We are extremely excited to announce our 2020 Children’s Theatre season in which we take a new look at some legendary fairytales.

For the third time in as many years, Music Supervisor David Maglione has authored a remarkable take on the famous Hans Christian Anderson tale The Most Incredible Thing. The creator of Wendy’s Shadow and Martin and Meelo, Maglione’s new interpretation emphasises the core theme of that mystical search for the artistic spirit dormant inside each of us. Maglione’s enchanting music solidifies a remarkable narrative that will resonate with children and adults of all ages, making this one of the highlights of the summer musical season.

Our second show of 2020 also takes a fresh look at a timeless classic. A clever retelling of the Snow White legend, Snow White and The Prince is a romantic and funny adventure with all your beloved characters, plus a few more that we know you will grow to love.

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Tickets and Show Information

Martin and MeeLo

August 2, 2019 – August 17, 2019

World Premiere Season Ended

Two unlikely friends from two unlikely worlds must face their fears for the greater good of human and monster kind alike. This zany and heartfelt musical about bravery in its truest form gets its world premiere here at The Mac-Haydn. With vibrant storytelling and a thrilling score written by David Maglione, creator of last seasons smash hit Wendy’s Shadow, this is one show not to be missed!

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Jane of the Jungle

July 19, 2019 – July 27, 2019

Season Ended

Middle school is looming for Jane and so is the big party at the “cool kids” house. There’s just one not so small problem… Jane wakes up to discover she has spots and a tail and her whole town is turning into a jungle! This charming and inventive story takes a good look at everything kids must go through before they are truly grown up!

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The Pinocchio Show

June 28, 2019 – July 13, 2019

Season Ended

This fresh and innovative take on the classic tale is sure to delight kids and parents alike! Follow along as Pinocchio meets Dancing Donkeys, a wise cracking Cricket, and a sassy Tuna Fish as he tries to save Gepetto from danger. Enjoy this fun contemporary score as Pinocchio learns lots of life lessons and just how important it is to be a part of a family!

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