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Major Arcana: The Next Draw

September 23 – October 1, 2022

Limited Event New Production

toUch Performance Art

Major Arcana returns for The Next Draw, a brand new experience, taking the audience on a journey of self discovery through the lens of the Major Arcana of Tarot. Part improvised immersion, part cabaret Tarot reading, toUch invites the audience to dive in and experience both intimate interactions and spectacular performances.

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In this personalized story, there’s much to uncover— from touching on familiar inner thoughts to sparking fresh emotional discoveries. ToUch is known for breaking the boundary between the audience and performer, putting the audience at the center of the experience, and offering many levels of interaction to engage all audience members. After an inspiring event in 2021, toUch is excited to return to the Mac-Haydn for The Next Draw.”

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Show Times

Sep 23 – 7:00PM Friday
Sep 30 – 7:00PM Friday
Oct 1 – 7:00PM Saturday

The Season