The Season
Hi, Ho, Robin Hood

July 21, 2017 – July 29, 2017

Robin Hood and his band of merry men rob from the rich to help the poor and the Sheriff of Nottingham can’t catch them.

There are more and more poor people as evil Prince John rules while King Richard the Lion-Hearted is on a crusade.

Robin Hood’s bravery is put to the test as he tries to keep Nottingham as it should be until the King returns, which he does in the nick of time for the merry band. The adventure of an archery contest, romance of Robin and Maid Marian and songs like “We Lead A Merry Life,” “Come To The Fair” and “Never Defeated” make this a show that all youngsters will enjoy.

Beth Lauren Wrigley
Mother Meg Michelle Carter
Little John Adam Salerno
Old Widow Emily Spateholts
Will Scarlet & Soldier Sam Pickart
Robin Hood Dakota Dutcher
Friar Tuck Dan Macke
King Richard, Stranger, Soldier #1 Stephen C. Kallas
Sheriff Connor Hubbard
Lady Merle Sophia Tzougros
Annabel Heather Damia
Maid Marian Catherine Skojec
Sheriff’s Wife Emily Allen
Salome Megan Hasse
Soldier #2 & Kaspar Matthew Antalek

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The Season