Employee Resources

This page contains resources and links for current staff, company members and volunteers of the Mac-Haydn Theatre. Please contact the Company Management if there are any problems accessing the information referenced in this page.

Policy Documents

Company Policies

The official policies and guidelines for our summer staff.

Harassment and Abuse Policy

At the Mac-Haydn Theatre we view ourselves as a family of creators and we hope you will treat yourself and each and every person you interact with during your time with us respectfully and with tolerance. This document outlines our specific policies on instances of harassment and abuse. It also outlines our reporting and investigative proceedures.

COVID-19 Procedures MHT 2023

A series of procedures for the management of protocols surrounding COVID-19 safety at the Mac-Haydn Theatre.

Company Informational Documents

Company Handbook

A reference tool for general information.

Emergency Evacuation Protocols

Clearing the Mac-Haydn buildings in the event of an emergency.

Notes About Hair And Appearance

Some information for our cast member on maintaining the appearances you had when we hired you.

Shoes And Clothing Notice

Some information for our cast member on what footwear and clothes you will need for the season.

Costumes, Wardrobe & Hair/Make-Up Info and Guidelines for Actors

Info and guidelines for actors on how to care for their costume, wigs and makeup items, as well as what to prepare for during fittings.

Information Request And Communication Forms

Employee Issues and Requests Form

A place to make requests and submit your questions or concerns to company management.

COVID-19 Test Submission

Complete this form to let us know your test results before returning to work. If you would prefer not to use this form to submit your health information, please notify Covid-19 Compliance Team at testing@machaydntheatre.org to let us know that you will be bringing evidence of your result to us directly.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Sign and email this to the company manager if you would prefer direct deposit payments. Please note this is not available for contract workers such as directors and designers.

Guest Request Form

Please complete this form to notify Company Management of a guest request. Your request is not finalized until you receive confirmation from Company Management.

Travel Notification Forms

Arrival Notification Form

Please use this form to let the Mac-Haydn team know your arrival details.

Departure Notification Form

Please use this form to let the Mac-Haydn team know your departure details.

Creative Team Resources

Seating Layout 2023

Because of COVID-19 we have made some alterations to the layout of the space. We thought you might like to take a look before you arrive.

Blocking Map 2023

Our updated blocking map template reflecting the changes to our seating layout.

Theater Layout

This has some actual measurements inside it.