The Bright Future Fund
Bright Future Fund
Help Secure The Future Of The Mac-Haydn

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic the artistic community has navigated a constantly shifting landscape. The Mac-Haydn is no exception.

However, our bright future has not faded and we are coming out the other side of the pandemic with a solid plan and a strong vision for the future. Though we are not through it yet, we are confident that we will continue providing innovative and exciting musical theatre to Columbia County and beyond for many years to come.

Our goal of $250,000, represents 20% of our regular yearly operating expenses. Contributions to this fund will cover the cost of maintaining our facilities, retaining our staff and repairing some of the additional problems that have occurred while the theatre was closed for an entire season.

Now that we have successfully completed our 2021 season, we are looking forward to 2022 and there are very pressing needs at hand to maintain that bright vision we have envisioned.

We hope you will consider making a contribution. The ongoing future of the Mac-Haydn, and our remarkable family of theatre practitioners, depends upon you.

Thank you once again for your tremendous support.

For 51 years, the Mac-Haydn has presented full summers of top-notch musical theatre and we plan to keep on doing just that! We simply couldn’t do it without you, both as an audience member, and as a contributor.

Summer ’19 was another wonderful year with remarkable performances from our team both on an off the stage. We took a big step forward and plan to keep doing so for years to come.

I look forward to seeing you at the theatre for the 2020 season and thanks again for your loyal support.

John Saunders
Producing Artistic Director