Alex Arlotta

Alex couldn’t be more excited to join the MacHaydn on short notice! One moment he’s at Target buying Tide Pods (not sponsored), the next, he’s transported back to the 60’s. In addition to being a MD and keyboardists, Alex just graduated from BerkleeNYC’s masters program in Writing and Design For Musical Theatre. In addition to the student debt, Alex is releasing his first album in a few weeks titled “Gotta Start Somewhere”; available wherever you stream music come Aug-Sept 2023.

Thank you to Ben Weiss for the recommendation, and to Eric, James, Tori, John and everyone for welcoming him into the MacHaydn family. It’s been such an honor, and I hope to return! Also, shoutout to my incredible partner, Taylor! I love you!

If you think I’m cool, feel free to follow me around at:, or on Instagram: @alex.arlotta. Let’s get rockin’!