The Return of Sister Act Earns Joyous Reviews
J. Peter Bergman says if you are a fan of musicals, ‘Sister Act’ is your finest opportunity. I would say, “go, sit back and laugh” in his review for The Berkshire Edge

“I cannot imagine a better choice for this role than Wemitt. Her final moments with Deloris were so emotionally right that they made the show.”
“On the other hand, Judith Wyatt as Sister Mary Lazarus was hilarious, as was Bella Babcock as Sister Mary-Martin-of-Tours. Samantha Rhea Parrish gave an exuberant performance as Mary Patrick. The men in the show were also quite good, particularly Jake Koch, Fernando Flores, and Anthony Michael Velez in their almost-show-stopping song in Act Two, “Lady in the Long Black Dress.”

“The second offering in Mac-Haydn’s 2024 repertory season promises some comedic relief” according to Sierra Pasquale for Berkshire on Stage

“The band was bright and full the night I was in attendance and I caught Matt Levinstein conducting from off-stage, always something to be applauded. Of particular note was the costumes. Daniel Hewson performs some magic on that stage that, to go off without a hitch, certainly has some divine intervention.”

“Josh Walker, brings heart, empathy and warmth to a character who could easily be forgettable support.”

“As I was sitting in the Mac-Haydn during intermission, I couldn’t help but notice how the arc of the ceiling reminded me of the arc of so many churches I have found myself in in my lifetime and what a beautiful sign that was to sit back and enjoy the rest of the show, like an old- fashioned barn raising.”

“The Mac-Haydn always puts on a good show, in my opinion, and ‘Sister Act’ is thoroughly entertaining.” according to Adreanna Limbach for Trixie’s List

“From the moment the lights go up on the stage, Laiya Parker takes us to church as an irresistible Deloris Van Cartier. She’s equal parts silly, charming and sincere which makes her easy to cheer for as the action unfolds. Combined with her rich, soulful vocals, Parker carries the starring role effortlessly.”

“There were dozens of moments throughout Sister Act that had the audience hollering, belly laughing and clapping along to the music, which is the pure expression of joy that I want in a summertime musical.”

“If you’re in a funk and want to lift your mood, get tickets. If you like soulful vocals and a groovy beat, get tickets. If you like big laughs and a little romance, get tickets.”